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 Quality assurance

Taiwan Blood Services Foundation’s head office and its blood centers have received ISO 9001 quality certification; similarly, the Taiwan Blood Services Foundation’s head office, Taipei Blood Center and Kaohsiung Blood Center have passed the Medical Laboratory Accreditation of the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF). All the work procedures, including blood donor screening, blood collection, blood tests, component manufacturing, storage management and blood transportation, adhere to standard operating procedures (SOPs) and are subject to inspection by domestic health authorities (including the Food and Drug Administration) and SGS.
Furthermore, in order to send domestic plasma to Australia’s CSL Plasma (one of the world's major plasma factories) to manufacture plasma products for domestic medical use, we are regularly inspected by CSL Plasma, and operations and blood quality related to the sending of plasma from Taiwan to Australia for the manufacturing of plasma products arereviewed and approved by the Australian Government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).
To ensure the safety of blood transfusions, all medical blood is tested for HBV, HCV and HIV-1 virus nucleic acid. British working standards are used to ensure the sensitivity of each batch, and automatic test equipment, including PK7300, AU2700, Freedom Evolyzer, TIGRIS, Bact / ALERT 3D and other instruments, are used for screening of infectious diseases (viral and bacterial), ABO blood grouping and antibody screening. Test procedures and the reviewing and transmission of test results are all carried out with instruments and computer equipment that can avoid human errors and perform the most stringent checks for blood safety.
The blood centers also continue to participate in domestic and overseas proficiency tests, such as the proficiency tests held by College of American Pathologists, (CAP), National Serology Reference Laboratory (NRL), American Society of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (ASHI) and Taiwan Medical Institute; the correctness of the test results have obtained affirmation and recognition. The Foundation also has a medical advisory committee that employs experts and scholars of domestic medical centers specializing in blood transfusions and blood infectious diseases to establish policies related to blood safety matters.
Blood transfusion service
As medical technologies advance, the need for compatible blood by long-term blood transfusion patients has increased. Because of the rarity of some blood types, we continue to screen donors for red blood cell antigens and HLA tuping to have rare red blood cells frozen and stored on a long-term basis. We also continue to accumulate data related to rare blood donors to meet clinical transfusion requirements.
Furthermore, in order to assist domestic medical institutions in dealing with problems relatedto clinical blood transfusions, we continue to provide laboratory testing services, including the screening or testing of red blood cell antigens and antibodies, as well as the investigation of post-transfusion adverse reaction. To ensure the safety of blood transfusions, we provide antibody screening cells for domestic medical institutions to provide the most complete services for clinical blood transfusion.
Research anddevelopment
To improve both blood quality and bloodsafety, the blood centers and the Foundation’s head office continue implementing research plans. In order to apply "subject protection" and strengthen the ethics review of research projects, all research projectsare reviewed by the “Ethics Review Committee”. The Foundation’s Ethics Review Committee has passed inspection by the Health and Welfare Department and is a qualified ethics review committee. The results of most of our research are been reviewed and published. This year, many studies have also been published in the annual meeting of American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT).
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