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Personal data protection is a priorityfor everyone

After the issuance of the Personal Data Protection Act, awareness regarding protecting individual rights has greatly risen, and enterprises are now more rigorous in the collection, processing and utilization of both customer and employee data. The Foundation evaluated its personal data risk in2014, each blood center re-examined the weakness of its information assets, potential threats, and assessed the related impacts on the organization with quantitative indicators that show the level of risk. Concrete improvement measures were proposed for any unacceptable risks found in order to reduce the risk and ensure the safety of the Foundation’s information assets.
To incorporate the personal data management system into each employee’s daily work, the Foundation comprehensively reviewed the existing standard operating procedures with the blood centers via video conferences; 38 documents of personal data protection and information security related standard operations were amended. Regarding the enhancement of employees’ personal data consciousness, the blood centers regularly invite experts and scholars to share real-life cases, and all employees have started taking personal data courses on the internet and make independent assessments to better understand correct concepts. In 2014, two meetings were held by the personal data management committee to evaluate the effectiveness of personal data awareness promotion in order to compliance with ISO 27001 and BS 10012, and verify that the rights and benefits of donors and employees are being protected.
Borderless network application
In recent years, due to the flourishing of community websites and chat software, the provision of free text, communication and video services, the use of smart phones and the internet is getting wider. To enhance blood donor services, the Foundation provides donors with Wi-Fi in each blood donation site. Donors can browse the internet and even share their blood donation photos on community websites while in the waiting area.
With regards to internet security, the Foundation not only scans the web pages, but also repair weaknesses in order to enhance the information system security. Furthermore, it regularly checks the overall network for vulnerability and loopholes. Since our video conference system was established, network bandwidth usage increased significantly, thus the network bandwidth and adjustments to the framework were upgraded to make both internal and external networks flow more smoothly.
The blood management system renovation
The enterprises have more opportunities in the big data era. If the large volume of data in the database over the years can be systematically analyzed and used in statistical applications, the characteristics of donor groups can be more clearly understood, which can contribute to improve donor services and future development. Therefore, having a customized application system software with high autonomy will become the main stream in the future. After continuous enhancing the functionalities of the blood management system, the Foundation has put forward a request for proposal for meeting the demands of operation. Which is considerd donor services, the improvement of internal operation processes, blood safety, quality control and the direction of future development. The blood management system will be renovated in the near future.
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